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SIMBOLODIAS  01 Days - 00 nights          SIMBOLOPRECIOFROM USD $80.00

Located two hours from Cuenca city. The Saraguro people see in tourism a valuable way to bring back and preserve their traditions and culture in order to share it with visitors. They are very welcoming and willing to show us part of their daily life, turning this trip into one of the best experiences of rural, agro and community tourism. They are very proud of their indigenous roots so they wear their typical customs and practice ancestral rituals.

Option 01. 

We will visit several nearby villages were skilled artisans produce fine textiles (ponchos, skirts, belts, bed & table cover, etc), decorative and utilitarian ceramic, sheep wool hats and colorful jewelry mainly made of beads and silver. Also, we will visit their organic orchards were they grow many of the vegetables, fruits and herbs used in their diet. Lunch will be a very special one, as we will be introduced to their sharing rituals of the “Pinshi Mikuna” in company of a Saraguro family. In the afternoon we will do a hike up to their sacred waterfall where we will be part of a shamanic energizing ritual. The Yachags (shamans) invocate in conjunction with the participants to their sacred natural elements (wind, fire, water, earth, sun and moon) to regain positive energy. At the afternnon We`ll return to Cuenca City.

Option 02

We will drive down to the community of Gera where we will participate in the production of the Huajango, a fermented drink made from agave (same as used for tequila). We will also visit a small house-museum that shows how a Saraguro house looks like and what they use in their daily life. Afterwards we will leave Saraguro southwards for about an hour to the town of Susudel where we will visit the towns Organic Farm. Here we will enjoy a typical lunch made with the produce of the farm and then visit the agricultural grounds and the old colonial farm and church. At mid afternoon we continue our way back to Cuenca, making this trip a wonderful, unforgettable experience.

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Packing tips

 · Dress in layers: t-shirt, sweater/sweatshirt and rain coat
· Hat and gloves
· Proper hiking shoes
· Rain gear
· Sun protection
· Sun glasses

This tour includesmeans

· Saraguros`s culture interchange
- Lunch included and demosntartion of "wajango" extraction
- Visit handicraft workshops and museun Ñamarin
· Transfer in/out & tourist guide
- Entrances to all activities in the itinerary

This tour does not include

 · Travel insurance
· Food, drinks or tips
· Any other service not mentioned herein  

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