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Ecuador is located in South America. It lays between Colombia on the northernt part and Peru on the southern Part. The name is given by the Equator line, which crosses the country

Occupying only 159,283 square miles, Ecuador is about the size of Colorado. Its borders embrace scenic mountains, a rugged coastline, sultry rainforests and arid terrain - all within a few hours travel time. Ecuador, which straddles the equator, can be divided into four geographic/climatic zones:

The double-ridged central Andes Mountains and surrounding highlands, the coastal plains and lowlands to the west, the Amazonian tropical rainforest (known as the "Oriente") to the east, and the Galapagos Islands.

The fertile area between the two ridges of the Andes is called the Central Valley or the "Avenue of the Volcanoes," where 30 volcanic peaks loom over the basin. The valley houses farm fields, small towns and larger urban sections, including Quito, the charming capital city chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its architectural beauty. At 9,300 feet above sea level, Quito is the second highest national capital in the world after La Paz, Bolivia.

The northern coastline of Ecuador harbors remnants of dense, virgin rainforest. Southward towards the Peruvian border, there is little precipitation and the landscape quickly changes to the arid Sechura Desert, which leads south to the great Atacama Desert of Chile – the driest desert in the world. The nation's largest city and leading port, Guayaquil, is ideally positioned in the middle of this coastal strip, and sits at the mouth of the rich delta of the Guayas River.

As the rainforests of the eastern Andes descend, they meet the Amazon River Basin.

South America
Main cities:
Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca
Main ports:
Guayaquil, Manta
14.000.000 aprox
256,370 km2/ 159,282 miles2
Spanish and other local dialects
US Dollar
Current President:
Econ. Rafael Correa

Ecuadorian food consists mainly of soup and stews, corn pancakes, rice, eggs and vegetables. Seafood is particularly good, even in the highlands. Local specialties include caldo de patas, a soup made from cattle hooves; cuy, whole roasted guinea pig; and lechón, suckling pig. Guayaquil, the heart of the south coast, has the gamut of cuisines. Patacones, fried plantain chips, are a favorite side dish of the coastal dwellers.

Traditional Andean music has a distinctive haunting quality based on an unusual pentatonic scale. Wind and percussion instruments, including bamboo panpipes and flutes, are staples
of the sound.

Local crafts include fine examples of basketry, leather work, woodcarving, weaving, ceramics and jewelry.

Spanish is the main language, although most highland Indians are bilingual, with Quechua being their preferred language and Spanish their second tongue. Several small lowland groups speak their own languages. English is understood in the best hotels and in airline offices and travel agencies, but it's of little use elsewhere.

About 40% of Ecuador's present population are Indigenous, and another 40% are mestizos.
The ethnicity of the coastal population changes from north to south. Esmeraldas has the highest percentage of Afro-Ecuadorians of any province, and it also has several Indian tribes upriver from the coast.
Further south, the population is more mestizo – the typical Spanish-Indian mix prevalent through Latin America. The predominant religion is Roman Catholic, but there is a scattering of other Christian faiths.
Indigenous Ecuadorians, while outwardly Catholic, tend to blend Catholicism with their traditional beliefs.

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