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Located two hours from Quito. The traditional Quichua language is spoken in the small indigenous communities of Salasaca. The people of the village wear the traditional clothing. The women wear long black skirts with shawls made out of wool. The men wear ponchos also made out of wool. Salasaca has been transformed into a cultural and tourist center. The main plaza is used to sell artesanias and ponchos. The weavings generally reflect their daily life and are done totally by hand using centuries old techniques.

We will visit the Salaca Commnunity in the morning and they use natural material such as sheep`s wool to make handicraft aacesories we`ll can see your elaboration and maket it¡

We`ll visit the Salasaca`s typical home and weíll make a trekking for the "chawarmishqui road" and we`ll know the importance about the chawarmishqui plant such as medicine, food and drink.

Later, we`ll invite to a traditional dance and music show at the hostel with the indigenous locals. In the afternoon we`ll return Quito


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Packing tips

 · Dress in layers: t-shirt, sweater/sweatshirt and rain coat
· Hat and gloves
· Proper hiking shoes
· Rain gear
· Sun protection
· Sun glasses

This tour includesmeans

· Salasaca`s culture interchange
- Treking through
- Chawarmishqui tour
- Typical music and handicraft traditional fabric
· Transfer in/out & tourist guide
Entrances to all activities in the itinerary

This tour does not include

 · Travel insurance
· Food, drinks or tips
· Any other service not mentioned herein  

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