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Intercambios Culturales



   SIMBOLODIAS  01 Days - 00 nights          SIMBOLOPRECIOFROM USD $80.00


Located 20km from Riobamba city. We will visit the community of Palacio Real, home to a community tourism effort that’s contributed to the economic development of the local population since 2006 and is based on the breeding and raising of llamas and alpacas. 80 indigenous families here and in neighboring Calpi are dedicated to the breeding and management of these animals, using their pelts to clothe themselves against the Andean cold, their meat as a major source of nutrition, and their wool to create clothing and artisanal textiles.

At the Llama cultural museum, visitors have the opportunitiy to learn more about Andean Camelids, especially the llama, nicknamed the Queen of the Andes.



Packing tips

 · Dress in layers: t-shirt, sweater/sweatshirt and rain coat
· Hat and gloves
· Proper hiking shoes
· Rain gear
· Sun protection
· Sun glasses

This tour includesmeans

· Puruha`s culture interchange
- Treking through
- Chawarmishqui tour
- City tour Riobamba
- Visit handicraft traditional fabric with llama wool
· Transfer in/out & tourist guide
- Entrances to all activities in the itinerary

This tour does not include

 · Travel insurance
· Food, drinks or tips
· Any other service not mentioned herein  

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