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ECUAKAWSANI TOURS Co. Ltd. has ample experience offering support and guidance to indigenous communities and groups in capacity-building, economic/productivity improvement, educational and integral health-promotion programs in each of Ecuador’s three geo-regions. Our training philosophy considers all participants in the process, from local residents to community tourism technical and administrative personnel, to be “subjects of a permanent process of training and learning” and that this process is central to each individual’s successful performance as part of a larger collective.


-Training and formative support for the development and implementation of tourism project with a community focus.

-Creation of diagnostics, baseline studies, monitoring and evaluation of social projects and programs with emphasis on community tourism.

-Seminars, workshops, and informative talks on topics of interest related to community dynamics and their relationship to tourism.


-Promotion and development of commercial contacts, allowing families and communities to market their artwork and handicrafts.

-Generation of opportunities for public and private organizations to support social programs and projects within communities.

-Connecting interested groups with communities seeking experience in hosting volunteers and student groups.


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